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BaLMUN would like to announce the 11th Banja Luka International MUN conference to be held in Banja Luka from 12th to 14th April of 2024

Welcome letter

Dear delegates,
We are overjoyed and thrilled to write to you regarding the 10 th Banja Luka International MUN conference, which will take place in Banja Luka from 21 st to 23 rd of April.

Albert Einstein once said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. Since the first part of Einstein’s claim – the existence of a problem, is already fulfilled in the world we live in, we are offered a chance to have the second part of it fulfilled, which is to gain a higher level of thinking in order to create the solution. Namely, BaLMUN conference is a perfect opportunity for anyone willing to do so.

Firstly, since we are, as any other generation before us, living in the time that is faced with great problems, every time is a perfect time to discuss important questions, and Banja Luka just might be the perfect place to do so. All of that makes BaLMUN an immaculate opportunity to try modestly to be great citizens of and to the world. Therefore, this event will fulfill its role if it learns us to think courageously enough like no one is listening, speak boldly enough like everyone is, and most importantly, listen carefully enough even when no one else does.

Secondly, our hope is that anyone who comes under the sky of Banja Luka will be left feeling over the moon. As hosts, we will make sure you feel like home, since that is what our town truly offers to anyone who visits it. We can also promise, we will send you back home with great stories of our history resting in your thoughts, precious talks with the local people playing in your heart and amazing dishes of ours forever staying in the memory of yours!

We are sending you the kindest regards and lots of love, and we are looking forward to seeing you in April! And do not ever forget that, every time and every place is a perfect one for the beginning and the creation of peace, righteousness and fruitful debate. Let’s make the peace-loving voice louder than any destruction-causing ignorance. Let’s bring the future home!

Marija Milašinović,Secretary General
Marija Malić, Under Secretary General


Marija Milašinović


Marija Malić
Under Secretary-General