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At the very beginning of BaLMUN Conference, we were lucky to be supported by two important politicians at the time – Vuk Jeremić, president of the 67th General Assembly of UN and Ban Ki-moon, the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations. Their approval of our project, for which we were not sure it was going to work in our city, gave us the strength we needed and assured us to believe in our aims. You can watch their video greeting here.

The BaLMUN 2021 conference will be held online due to the current situation. Mark your calendars for April 17th & 18th and come experience the biggest MUN conference on the Balkans. Dear delegates, see you!
Directed & edited by: Anastasija Đorđa Bosančić
Starring: Miloš Grubešić, Lena Božić, Maja Macura, Alen Milaković, Anastasija Đorđa Bosančić
Music: a-ha/Take on me

This video was made as trailer for the BaLMUN Conference 2018.

Because of the tradition that we have developed through years, we decided to make a video that would actually represent a trailer for upcoming BaLMUN every year. This video was made for our 5th anniversary and it shows memories from these past five years combined with new ideas which marked the BaLMUN Conference 2017.