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Lena Božić


Anastasija Đorđa Bosančić
Under Secretary-General


Maja Macura
Deputy Secretary-General


Miloš Grubešić
Student MUN Director

Welcome letter

Honourable delegates,
Esteemed colleagues,
Dear guests,

It is my honour to welcome you to the 8th annual BaLMUN and the first-ever held online. The COVID-19 situation has forced us all to improvise, adapt and overcome challenges we never thought we would face. Throughout all this, the BaLMUN team tried to remain positive and the outcome of our efforts will be revealed this April. Unfortunately, this year we are unable the execute everything to the scale of previous years, however, online MUNs have their advantages and we hope to show you a new and improved version of BaLMUN, with a couple of surprises as well. This year’s motto, Bringing the future from home, aims to keep the spirit cultivated in all previous iterations while showing adaptability to the current situation.

Every year we make sure to stay on top of the current issues the world is facing and choose those topics that would allow for our delegates to engage and high point the importance of these issues by discussing, debating and making resolutions. BaLMUN takes pride in its ability to motivate and encourage both novice and seasoned delegates to learn and participate. We believe in courage, compassion and virtue because without these ideals to follow as guidelines we would never be able to achieve the change we wish to see in the world and in ourselves.

We are working tirelessly to bring you the finest BaLMUN yet and to effectively utilize everything online platforms have to offer. I can’t wait to meet you all this April and as your Secretary-General invite you to join us on the 17th and 18th!

May we meet in good health,

Your Secretary-General,
Lena Božić

Honourable delegates,
Esteemed chairs and colleagues,
Dear guests and friends,

As this year’s Under Secretary General it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you all to our extraordinary conference alongside with other Secretariat and team members. Organized with deep love and passion, over the past years Banja Luka Model United Nations has become one of the largest MUN conferences in the Balkans and the pride of our high school, our city and our country. BaLMUN has always been of an international nature, but this year, thanks to the online world opportunities, we have the pleasure to host delegates from far and wide corners of the world. That is our happiness within this global misfortune.

Although we are sad that we are unable to meet you all in person and show you the charms of our homeland and people, we will do our best to convey the positive energy to you and our team will make sure that your experience, even online, is unforgettable. We promise you friendships, support and new knowledge that will contribute to your way of becoming better citizens of the world. We believe in critical thinking, quality debate and discussion, as well as in the power that lurks in each young woman and man.

With desire, strength and effort, we indeed can influence the world, propose ideas and be incorporated in the problem solving process. Therefore, I encourage you to stay persistent and conquer whatever is thrown before you. I wish you all the luck in bringing the future back from home, may your participation be successful and your debates fruitful.
Welcome to BaLMUN 2021 conference!

Your Under Secretary-General,
Anastasija Đorđa Bosančić