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Development Committee

  1. Discussing the impact of globalization on countries development
  2. Combating weak educational systems in Africa

Disarmament Committee

  1. Prevention of an arms race in outer space
  2. Demilitarising the Arctic and the Antarctic

Economic Committee

  1. Dealing with economic sanctions and active trade wars
  2. Revising the effectivness of structural adjusment programms

Environmental Committee:

  1. Extinction of bee populations and disruption of ecosystems
  2. Regulation of plastic pollution in the oceans

Health Committee

  1. Discussing the legalization of the use of embryonic stem cells
  2. Examining the collapse of humanitarian aid for Yemen and Syria

Security Council

  1. Discussing rising tensions in Kosovo
  2. Dealing with the growth of national-populist parties in the world

Social and Humanitarian Committee

  1. Eliminating child and forced marriage
  2. Eliminating human trafficking and protecting those affected by it