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Welcome letter

Respected delegates,
It is an honour to represent the ninth official Banja Luka Model United Nations! During the previous years, numerous unprecedented challenges have arised, all of which have impacted each and every single of us. They have ranged from a medical character, to an economic, and lastly political crises. As this has posed a great challenge to humanity, it is all the more necessary to overcome such difficulties via dialogue, understanding, and the employment of critical thinking. Acting as the Secretary General of this iteration, I call upon you all to nurture that which is pure in you, providing us with a proper balance of entertainment, and diplomacy.
This year, BaLMUN is to be held online, which will enable us to connect with a wider audience, building a community that may later have the chance to meet. Of course, this is an addition to the incredible friendships that will inevitably arise! According to the tradition of the conference, we stand with what is noble, prosperous, and wish you all a warm welcome to our MUN!

Your Secretary-General,
Alen Milaković

Honourable delegates and esteemed guests,
It is a great honour to be your Under Secretary General at this year's conference! As you might already know, Banja Luka Model United Nations has in the past strived to engage and keep up with current economic, social and political issues our society has been facing along with continuously trying to cultivate a tradition of healthy debate and discussion. This year, our goal remains the same. Despite the virtual form this conference will be taking, we will be making sure that our MUN is organized to the highest of standards in order for us to achieve this goal.
The numerous crises our planet and its citizens are dealing with have taught us that we, as young people, must learn to fight for our future and seize every opportunity offered to preserve it. This is another goal of our conference - we urge you to speak up for what you believe in and involve yourself with developing potential solutions to issues at hand. We encourage you to participate and grow into more educated and passionate people who are aware that their voice can be a stepping stone towards building a brighter future. Finally, it is a pleasure to welcome you to this MUN which will hopefully be a fruitful learning experience and provide insight into the world of diplomacy for all of you!
Best regards,

Your Under Secretary-General,
Milana Čubrilović